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Pros and cons of Stainless Steel and Electric Pressure Cooker

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There are many pressure cookers to choose from when you hit the local market. You might end up choosing from a lot of brands, models, sizes and materials. To make easy to understand the pressure cooker categories, below are the pros and cons of the two most famous kinds of the pressure cooker. Stainless steel and Electric Pressure Cooker.

Pros of stainless steel pressure cooker

  •    Although stainless steel pressure cooker is an expensive choice but is worth the investment.
  •    Stainless steel is a material provides extreme durability and strength to the pressure cooker.
  •    The outer finish of this cookware stays as fresh as possible while models made from aluminum tends to get damaged or stained easily.
  •    The heavy-duty stainless steel material makes it durable so the pressure can last longer.
  •    The non-porous design is an additional good feature of the stainless steel pressure cooker.

Cons of stainless steel pressure cooker

  •    Stainless steel pressure cookers are relatively more expensive than other pressure cooker types.
  •    Models that are stainless steel construction are heavier than usual pressure cookers and that is where well-designed handles are helpful.
  •    Because stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat, hence it can take longer to heat and cook food.

Pros of electric pressure cooker

  •    Electric pressure has an automatic option to regulate heat.
  •    You can select the pressure level and set the cooking time without having to stay in the kitchen and set the pressure cooker every now and then.
  •    This specific cooker can cook food twice as fast as cooking through a conventional cooker.
  •    It has a time controller option that helps in keeping track of time once the cooker is under pressure.
  •    The newer models of electronic pressure cookers are equipped with microcomputer program. It interacts with a pressure sensor and thermostat.

Cons of electric pressure cooker

  •    Unlike other pressure cooker types, an electric pressure cooker requires more time to release the pressure.
  •    The material of electrical pressure cooker makes it infeasible to cook without pressure while other pressure cookers are safe from it.  This website can help you in finding more details and purchase the pressure cooker for according to your needs.
  •    The pressure cooker occupies a lot of counter space and is huge enough to fit or store in a standard cupboard.
  •    In a case of power shutdown, this pressure cooker is unable to operate as it only runs on an electric supply.
  •    People who use electric pressure report of electronic failures within the very first few years of its use.  

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